sir umer

Message from the Principal

Almighty Allah, the Greatest Creator, created this mysterious & unimaginably spacious universe and hid the treasures of knowledge into a particle of dust & mighty ridge of mountain. Then bestowed upon us "Brain", the most complex machine of the universe, and said, "Read". Almighty Allah wishes us to strive, to discover the methodology of His creativity and learn how He created the whole system of the universe. In the eyes of Allah there is no distinction between man and woman to achieve education and enrich their knowledge. That's why our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ emphasized that every Muslim man and woman achieve knowledge as a sacred and essential duty. I believe that education does not merely mean being good at academics but it should be on the way guiding towards the Lord.

M. Umar (B.E. Civil NED)

Sir Qamar

Message From Director

To face successfully and confidently the ever growing challenges in the fields of scientific research, technology, computer science, medical science, space research and countless other pursuits, we need to stride an educational parameter to produce such dedicated, enthusiastic, skilled and fervent members of the society who could contribute an enviable and appreciable part in the progress of our country among the highly developed countries of the world. This is our innermost determination and realization that we provide such well-educated members to the society who could render their optimum services in various fields for the progress of our country.

M. Qamar Ehsan